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Best Arizona Turquoise Rings|20% Discount on Engagement Ring

SKU : KOR11123

Arizona Turquoise Ring with Rectangle 4x6 mm Gold over Sterling Silver, this stackable ring is Handmade special design for Engagement and Wedding with other special occasions, Use Coupon Code 'SEASON20" for a 20 % Flat Discount
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38 $38.00
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Item Details Arizona Turquoise Ring
Stone Detail Arizona Turquoise, Rectangle, 4x6mm
Metal 925 Sterling Silver

This is a Stackable Ring with Center Fixed Arizona Turquoise Stone which is a Natural Stone has Rectangle Shape with 4x6 mm in size. A wide range of Arizona Turquoise Rings is available here. This Arizona Turquoise Ring is 18k Gold Plated with 925 Sterling Silver Metal Type. This Ring is specially designed for different type of special occasions in your life like wedding, engagement and much more.

On the Occasion of Engagement or Wedding, People like to wear of gift such type of Turquoise Rings. So this ring can be used as a Turquoise Engagement ring.

Full Description of this Arizona Turquoise Ring

Stylish multi-rings, stackable rings are just a few words that describe this Arizona Turquoise Ring and Sterling silver ring. This Turquoise Stone is fixed in the center ring which is cut in the rectangle shape (with 4x6 mm) in size. Stone setting is bezel & its Stone cut is Smooth. This stone is hand cut finished and used in this ring here. All the three rings are connected at the bottom point of this beautiful ring and solid material of this ring is sterling silver which is 92.5% Silver and balance is copper (the highest purity of silver). This ring is micron gold plated or 18k gold plated over sterling silver. This would be a fantastic wedding, engagement or wedding ring or can be the best gift for a special occasion for any woman who is gorgeous and loves fashion and designs.

Little about the Turquoise Stone

Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral which is a hydrated phosphate of aluminum and copper. Turquoise is a rare and valuable gemstone and used in jewelry for thousands of years due to its unique hue.

Arizona Turquoise is known for its beautiful true blue. Many consider that American Turquoise is the finest in the world and Arizona to be the state where best blue turquoise comes from. Many other aqua blue/green turquoise also come from its mines and are well known in jewelry. Turquoise stone is often associated with the American Southwest,

Although turquoise may not shine like other gemstones, it is just the most significant gemstone that one can have in an engagement ring. This turquoise has its own history, which spans across the globe. This blue-green stone is easily recognizable arrived in Europe through the trade route from Turkey, its name turquoise which means "Turkish Stone". Many ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Persians, Mesopotamians, Aztecs and Chinese, are well known to have the turquoise stone in their jewelry, as it is one of the oldest documented minerals.

Turquoise Ring for Engagement

Turquoise is often used in all kinds of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches and more. Many designers offer it in jewelry in different sizes and shapes. But when considered in rings, many associate it with large, baudy, darker statement pieces, and not delicate, pretty engagement rings. A turquoise engagement ring can most certainly take on these traditional characteristics, this turquoise gemstone has its own deep meaning behind it that is more than appropriate for the most symbolic of jewelry pieces.

Hidden Meaning

Turquoise stone has its own hidden essence of happiness, wealth, luck, and faithfulness, a couple going to engage in whole life hopes these four things in marriage life together. As mentioned faithfulness which is the most important factor of a blossoming relationship comes to the turquoise engagement ring because of a turquoise mean for trustworthiness. The turquoise engagement ring signifies this trust and is a constant reminder of a marriage life throughout. So trust in a marriage fetches long last bonding and beauty in the relationship.

Another meaning of turquoise is that it promotes happiness in life. Although there are lots of good and bad times, happiness must be there to fight with them and enjoy each and every moment of a couple’s life. There is so much happiness that comes from being married, from the wedding proposal, and through the life's achievements. However, it is trial and tribulations that a couple must be reminded of the cheerfulness they share, and this Arizona Turquoise rings can be that reminder.

Because Turquoise stones are natural so they have a different texture like dark spots or veins called the matrix. This matrix can often be the reason why the stone is not commonly associated with engagement rings. But these lines do not affect its effects in your marriage life. However, you can take a turquoise stone that doesn't have any matrix in it but such stone is rarely found so they are quite valuable and highly prized.

You can find such turquoise stone in our 18k gold over sterling silver turquoise rings collections here, which has different shapes and sizes like rectangular, square, cabochon and more. This ring is a perfect example of how all of the important meaning of turquoise stone can be used in this gorgeous, stunning and elegant engagement ring.

Custom Jewelry Options

Kotiom offers custom jewelry option which is available on request. If you want any kind of changes in any type of jewelry such as you want to use another stone in such Arizona turquoise rings or want rings without any plating it is available here at kotiom. As we are the manufacturer of the jewelry so it is an easy task for us to make jewelry as per your requirements, whether it is a stone or plating we have all kinds of stones available with us and also offer three types of plating like gold and rose gold which you can easily filter while ordering a jewelry from here. Here is the link which you can use while having any custom order

you can also mail us at or for any query.

We also entertain bulk order of any jewelry, for this, you can either mail us or inquiry at the custom order link (Above mentioned) after login at our site here

Some Important instructions for better care of the jewelry, are:

A. Not exposing the ring to soaps, lotions, perfumes, or any household cleaning products preserve the plating and shine.

B. Avoid wearing this turquoise ring while having any household work from which the stone might get hit or scratched and for plating try to avoid some work which may affect its plating these are like washing dishes, play any sports or at the gym, using perfumes and sprits at the time of makeup etc.

C. Use soft cotton cloths and buds to clean your jewelry and don't use any acidic tissue paper and spirit to clean it

For more upkeep, related tips click here

we also accept return for more details click here

We use 925 sterling silver as solid material which is pure and 18k gold plating and we guarantee you about the quality of kotiom jewelry if you have any doubt and query you can contact us at and also visit us on our social platforms Facebook |Twitter |Goolge+ |Instagram

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